We are fully mobilized with the right equipment and staffing to handle many of the larger cleaning and sanitizing jobs required today.

Here’s how we can help with any and all your cleaning and sanitizing needs:

  1. Gateway Building Services is fully mobilized with the right equipment, and trained work force to clean and sanitize your work space.
  2. We have on call staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, weekends and holidays to quickly respond to requests.
  3. Our personnel have been informed about protective measures, and trained to follow all CDC guidelines.
  4. We are already working now for many health care facilities with crews cleaning and sanitizing for upcoming staging areas as well as present Covid 19 hospitals environments.
  5. Gateway Building Services trained staff is prepared to clean and sanitize you location before your workers come back.

If your organization feels that they may require our expertise, please call our office at 845-429-5650 or fill out the form below: