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Gateway Building Services, the leading commercial cleaning service in New York State, helps business owners, building superintendents, and property managers maintain a high standard of cleanliness. From office cleaning in Yonkers to school janitorial services in Beacon, make us your go-to partner. We offer free quotes, and we are happy to work with our clients to find a budget--friendly cleaning option and a schedule that works for your employees and clientele.

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27+ Years of Industry Experience

We've been cleaning buildings and venues in New York for nearly three decades, and we know how to keep your property sparkling. We've cleaned baseball stadiums after games, concert venues, movie theaters, elementary schools, college dorms, corporate buildings, vet clinics, and so much more, and regardless of your business's needs, we've been there and done that countless times before.

We value transparent pricing, punctuality, and an unbeatable standard of excellence. You will not find a more reliable partner in the commercial cleaning industry.

Our Crews are Flexible

Because of our experience and commitment to customer service, we are able to work with our clients to find an ideal cleaning schedule for you. Our highly trained crews can clean your storefront after business hours, clean a school in between busy classroom hours, deep-clean a dorm during holiday breaks, or be on-hand to clean your entertainment venue after a big show is over. We are also flexible in regards to the projects we can tackle -- from dental offices to vet clinics and hospitals, we have the skill and resources to handle difficult jobs.

Transparent Commercial Cleaning Fees

Every client has different needs. When you contact us, we will gather key information like:

  • How many square feet do we need to clean (roughly)?

  • What schedule do you need us to maintain, or are you flexible?

  • How much glass, carpet, or dining area will we need to cover?

  • And so forth

This will help us create a budget-friendly proposal for you to review. We can always work together to find something within your means.

We Use Green Cleaning Products and Methods

Your staff and customers don't want to smell chemicals all day. We keep your workforce, customers and the environment happy with our choice of green and safe cleaning products. From window cleaning solution to floor wax, your building will be fume-free.

We Serve New York State, And In Particular, the Hudson Valley

As a local firm in the Hudson Valley, we have many commercial cleaning clients in Yonkers, New Rochelle, Westchester, White Plains, and even up in Peekskill, Woodbury, Wappingers Falls and beyond. Generally, we do not venture into New York City. If you have any questions about our travel radius, please don't hesitate to get in touch! We take projects on a case-by-case basis, and depending on the scope, we may be able to travel further.

Office Cleaning Services in New York

Our office janitorial and cleaning services help you keep employees and customers safe and productive. We service high rise office buildings, corporate parks, office suites, and standalone offices and retail storefronts in New York. We can handle everything from carpet steaming to glass cleaning, desk sanitizing to kitchen cleaning, common area maintenance and more. We are happy to accommodate daily, weekly, and even monthly schedules for our clients.

Other Businesses We Support

We clean many different types of businesses, but here are a few examples. If you don't see yourself on the list, that doesn't mean we can't help -- get in touch for your free quote.

Schools and Colleges

From Jefferson Elementary School in New Rochelle to White Plains High School or Mount Saint Mary College, we can maintain a high level of cleanliness at any educational institution. We disinfect desks and surfaces, deep-clean cafeteria and kitchen spaces, keep dorms fresh and sanitary, and maintain assembly halls and recital venues. If you would like to save on staffing costs and hassle by handing over the cleaning to us, please get in touch.

Medical Offices and Dental Clinics

Dental practices, urgent care facilities, and primary care physicians alike call Gateway Building Services to maintain a level of sanitation that will allow you to pass certifications and keep patients feeling comfortable. We have methods and expertise unique to medical offices that will keep your space incredibly clean.

Veterinary Clinics

Let us purge your clinic of hair, fluids, waste, dirt, and more. We understand the rigors of running a veterinary clinic, and we can work around your busy schedule while keeping your business disinfected and sparkling. We also take the health of pets and animals into account when choosing cleaning solutions, disinfectants and methods.

Sports and Entertainment Venues

Do you operate a baseball field, college football facility, concert venue, or some other entertainment business? Call us - we can manage every aspect of cleaning your facility. Janitorial, window cleaning, dining area cleanup, sanitization -- we've done it all.

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From our office cleaners in New York to our school janitorial teams, we have the expertise and crews to keep your property sparkling. We'd love to hear from you and provide a free, transparent quote.

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