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Gateway Building Services has over 27 years of experience helping businesses in Paterson, NJ and elsewhere in Passaic County, and whether you are the building manager of a corporate office, or the superintendent of a hospital or university campus, we are happy to help you. We have experience in a wide range of commercial, medical, and educational facilities, and we can keep your space spotless.

For a complimentary quote, call us or send us an email. We will discuss the size of your space, your operating hours, and more, and we can prepare a proposal within your budget and requested cleaning schedule.

Experienced Cleaners For a Variety of Spaces and Industries

Hospital Cleaning Services

Hospitals and healthcare facilities in Paterson require more than just cleaning; they need a partner who understands the importance of maintaining a sterile environment to prevent the spread of infection. Our team specializes in hospital-grade cleaning techniques, using approved disinfectants and following strict protocols to clean patient rooms, operating theaters, waiting areas, and staff quarters. We pay close attention to high-touch surfaces, such as door handles, light switches, and medical equipment, ensuring they are not just clean but sanitized and safe for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Office Building Cleaning

A clean and well-maintained office not only boosts employee productivity but also makes a lasting impression on clients and visitors. Our cleaning services for office buildings include thorough dusting, vacuuming, restroom sanitization, and kitchen cleaning, all performed with minimal disruption to your workday. We tailor our services to fit your schedule, whether you need cleaning during, before, or after office hours, ensuring your workplace is always pristine and welcoming.

School and Medical Facility Cleaning

Our cleaning team tackles classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, and restrooms with child-safe cleaning products and methods, creating a safe space for students and staff. Similarly, medical facilities, such as clinics and dental offices, benefit from our specialized cleaning services designed to meet the high standards of cleanliness and sanitation required in healthcare settings, ensuring a safe environment for both patients and healthcare providers.

Entertainment and Athletic Event Cleanup Services in Paterson

Before your event, we can prepare the venue, ensuring it is clean, organized, and ready to welcome guests. After each event, our team swiftly moves in to clean up, handling everything from waste disposal to restroom sanitization and floor cleaning, ensuring the venue is restored to its pre-event condition or better, ready for its next use. From baseball stadiums to concert halls, we've cleaned many event settings in North Jersey.

Flexible, Green Cleaning Services

Each facility and event has its own set of challenges and requirements, and that's why we work closely with our clients to develop customized cleaning plans that address their specific needs, schedules, and budgets. From the daily maintenance of high-traffic hospitals and schools to the specialized cleaning needs of medical facilities and the logistical challenges of event cleanup, our team has the experience, techniques, and commitment to excellence necessary to deliver top-notch cleaning services.

Our commitment to using the latest cleaning technology and eco-friendly products means that we not only clean effectively but also responsibly, reducing our environmental impact while ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in the facilities we service.

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