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For nearly 3 decades, Gateway Cleaning Services has been providing exceptional cleaning services for small businesses, large corporate buildings, retail stores, veterinary clinics, medical offices, sports venues, educational institutions, and more. As the leading commercial cleaning business in Jersey City, we promise to provide you with prompt, expert service that you won't be able to find elsewhere.

Our teams are highly trained, we abide by stringent safety standards, and we offer free customized quotes to all potential customers. We are happy to work within your budget and business schedule. To get in touch, please give us a call or fill out our form at your earliest convenience.

We Clean Offices and Many Other Commercial & Public Spaces

From corporate offices in the downtown area of Jersey City and retail stores in The Heights, our staff is ready and prepared to keep your space pristine. We haven't listed all of our capabilities below - if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Corporate Buildings

We've worked with countless building managers to offer budget and tenant-friendly cleaning solutions. We can clean floor-to-ceiling windows, sanitize and disinfect your public restrooms, clean desk surfaces, maintain your cafeteria or cafe areas, and even clean your carpets on a tight schedule. We are happy to work around your office hours, or we can visit during the day if your workers maintain a hybrid schedule.

College Dormitories and University Grounds: 

College campuses offer their own unique set of challenges due to high occupancy, mixed use spaces, and 24/7 hours. Focusing on communal areas, bathrooms, and individual dorms, our teams provide a clean and healthy atmosphere for every student. You can also save on staffing costs by hiring our cleaners to take care of classrooms, athletic facilities, and offices. Recital halls, outdoor areas, stadiums and more are all on the table.

Retail Store Cleaning 

Whether you run a boutique outlet or a large chain store, our thorough cleaning services contribute to an enhanced shopping experience and customer satisfaction. We can work after your business hours or on weekends, and we always take great care not to harm any merchandise. Give customers an amazing first impression, and keep your retail associates happy.

School Cleaning

Our expertise in school cleaning spans from desks to halls, from classrooms to cafeterias, and from gyms to auditoriums. We offer the highest level of commitment to ensuring a clean environment for students and educators. Parents, staff, teachers, and students alike deserve a clean environment that won't distract from education.


Our highly trained staff understands the delicacy of cleaning a medical facility. We use hospital grade disinfectants and follow strict guidelines to ensure a safe and sterile atmosphere that compliments your healthcare certifications. Furthermore, we use green cleaning products, and doctors and patients alike won't be encumbered by unpleasant cleaning odors.

Vet Clinics and Doctors Offices

We can thoroughly disinfect examination rooms, waiting rooms, surgical suites, waiting areas and more to ensure a beautiful and uplifting environment for patients, pets, and visitors. We place an emphasis on careful sterilization, and we always stay up to par with cleaning certifications and medical requirements.

Sports and Concert Venues 

Gateway Cleaning Services offers a team of experienced cleaners to tackle the unique challenges presented by each of these venues. Whether you manage Kasberger Field near East Orange or Hopewell Theatre near Princeton, we are here to provide expert care for your facilities all year round.  We can handle football stadiums, movie theaters, concert venues, and so much more.

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We serve residential to commercial clients in Newark, Jersey City, Patterson, Elizebeth, Clifton, Passaic, Union City, and the surrounding areas in North Jersey. For additional location info, please contact us! We create unique quotes based on square footage, scheduling, and other factors, so let us know and we'll get the ball rolling.

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