Commercial Cleaning Services + Office Cleaners in Elizabeth, NJ

Keep your office building, retail space, educational facility, hospital, or entertainment venue spotless by calling Gateway Building Services. Our commercial cleaners in Elizabeth, NJ have over 27 years of experience, and we would be happy to provide you with a complimentary quote. We will discuss your square footage, amount of foot traffic, desired cleaning schedule and budget to come up with a unique plan for you.

Cleaning Commercial Spaces

From retail stores to corporate offices, maintaining a clean and professional appearance is not optional. Our commercial cleaning services for these spaces focus on creating an inviting atmosphere that promotes productivity and customer satisfaction. In offices, we prioritize areas like workstations, common rooms, and restrooms, employing dusting, vacuuming, and sanitizing protocols that reduce the spread of germs and enhance the overall work environment. Retail spaces require special attention to floors, display units, and fitting rooms, and we make sure that every corner reflects the quality of your store. We can include high-speed polishing for floors to restore their shine, thorough dusting to keep merchandise presentable, and detailed cleaning of high-traffic areas to maintain a pristine shopping environment.

Educational Facilities

Each educational environment, from schools to universities, present unique challenges due to their high foot traffic and varied schedules and use. Our approach in these settings is twofold: ensuring thorough cleanliness, and maintaining a healthy space for students and staff. This involves regular cleaning of classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, and restrooms, with an emphasis on disinfecting surfaces to prevent the spread of illness. We use green cleaning agents to protect the health of young learners and staff, and our schedule is flexible to work around school hours and extracurricular activities.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, and dental offices in Elizabeth can rely on our specialized cleaning services that adhere to stringent health standards. Our trained cleaning teams are versed in cleaning and sanitizing patient rooms, waiting areas, examination rooms, and surgical suites, using hospital-grade disinfectants and following protocols that meet or exceed health regulations. We always  ensure that the most frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, bed rails, and medical equipment are thoroughly disinfected.

Advanced Cleaning Techniques and Abilities

Our cleaning services employ a range of advanced techniques and protocols tailored to the needs of each facility. Microfiber technology, for instance, captures more dirt and bacteria than traditional cleaning materials. For floor care, we can use both high-speed polishing for hard surfaces and deep steam cleaning for carpets, extracting dirt and allergens to improve indoor air quality. In restrooms and kitchens, we can use EPA-approved products that kill germs without harming surfaces or leaving toxic residues.

In educational and medical facilities, where safety and health are especially crucial, our protocols include the use of color-coded cloths and mops to prevent cross-contamination between areas. We also embrace green cleaning practices across all facilities, choosing products and methods that reduce environmental impact while maintaining high cleanliness standards.

Tailored Cleaning Plans for Elizabeth, NJ

We can visit your facility daily, weekly, monthly or on a custom schedule - we want to serve your business and help you operate better. Concert venues, for instance, may call us on an as-needed basis, while we visit many office buildings every evening after employees have left work. Regardless of your unique situation, call Gateway Building Services for a complimentary quote today. We service Elizabeth and all of Union County, including Linden, Cranford, Clark, Westfield, and more.

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