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Welcome to Gateway Building Services, where we have been providing top-notch commercial cleaning services in New Jersey for nearly three decades. We serve a wide range of clients, ensuring that their spaces are clean, healthy and welcoming. We specialize in a variety of sectors, including offices, corporate buildings, retail stores, veterinary clinics, medical offices, sports venues, educational institutions, and more.

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An Overview of Our Commercial Cleaning Services in New Jersey

While not a comprehensive overview, here are a handful of industries we serve. If you don't find your business type listed below, feel free to get in touch - we would be happy to work something out if it's within our scope of expertise.

Office Cleaning Services in New Jersey

We cover everything from dusting and vacuuming to sanitizing workstations and common areas. Our eco-friendly products and the latest cleaning technology to ensure a spotless and healthy workspace. Raise morale, appear more welcoming to visiting clients, and keep your workforce healthy with regular cleaning visits from our team. We also wash dishes, clean windows, and sanitize the cafeteria and eating areas as necessary, among other things.

Corporate Building Cleaning

We've worked side by side with many building managers to create a budget and tenant-friendly cleaning schedule that will keep your building sparkling. Corporate buildings often house multiple businesses and receive a high volume of foot traffic - our services are designed to keep these spaces pristine and professional. From lobby areas to conference rooms, we maintain every aspect of your building to the highest standards.

Retail Store Cleaning

Aesthetics and hygiene are a leading priority for business owners maintaining a storefront presence. You'll want your window to be pristine, your entrance and retail space to be free of dust and trash, and your carpets to be spotless even after a long day of foot traffic. We also realize that schedules and budgets might be tight -- let us set up a custom plan suitable for your business hours and balance sheet.

Vet Cleaning

Keep your staff healthy and provide peace of mind to your clients with a sparkling space.

Veterinary clinics require careful cleaning to maintain a sanitary environment for both pets and people. Our veterinary clinic cleaning services include thorough disinfection of examination rooms, waiting areas, and surgical suites, adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness.

Doctor and Dental Office Cleaning

Medical and dental offices demand a high level of cleanliness to prevent cross-contamination and infection. Our cleaning services for these environments focus on sterilization and adherence to healthcare cleaning protocols, ensuring a safe space for patients and staff.

Sports and Concert Venue Cleaning

Whether you manage Kasberger Field near East Orange or the Hopewell Theater near Princeton, give us a call. Cleaning large venues like stadiums and concert halls poses unique challenges. Our team is equipped to handle the extensive cleaning needs of these spaces, ensuring they are ready for the next big event. We can be on call at the conclusion of your next big concert or game, or we can be your cleaners of record to keep the space clean year-round.

Hospital Cleaning

Our hospital cleaning services are performed by trained professionals who understand the critical nature of this work. We use hospital-grade disinfectants, follow strict protocols to ensure patient safety, and bear in mind the fact that your healthcare institution needs to maintain active health certifications. If you are a hospital administrator and would like to speak with us about commercial cleaning services in New Jersey or elsewhere in the tri-state area, please get in touch.

School Cleaning

From desk sanitization to hallways and dining halls, our school cleaning services in New Jersey will keep your building and exterior suitable for educational purposes. We can even wax the floors, polish hardwood, clean the windows and more. Keep students and faculty healthy, and give parents peace of mind when they visit your gym or auditorium. Our janitorial services will always operate around your class and events schedule.

College Dorm and University Grounds Cleaning

College dorms can be challenging to keep clean due to high occupancy and frequent use. Our dorm cleaning services are designed to maintain a healthy living environment for students, focusing on common areas, bathrooms, and individual rooms. Classroom buildings, athletic facilities, faculty offices and assembly halls are also within our realm of expertise; save on staffing costs and maintain a high level of quality with our commercial cleaners.

How Much Do Our Janitorial and Office Cleaning Services in NJ Cost?

Each client has unique needs and budgets. Therefore, we price our cleaning services based on several key factors:

  • Square Footage: the size of your space is a significant determinant of the cost. Larger areas require more time and resources to clean, affecting the overall price.

  • Required Services: The complexity and range of services needed also influence cost. Specialized services, such as high-grade disinfection or specific cleaning techniques, may come at an additional cost.

  • Schedule: The frequency of cleaning and the schedule we need to maintain are also factored into the pricing. Regular cleaning services, such as daily or weekly, may be priced differently compared to one-time or less frequent cleanings.

Our goal is to offer affordable, high-quality cleaning services that align with your needs and budget, and we are transparent regarding our fees. Please get in touch so we can create a custom proposal for you.

Our Service Radius in New Jersey

We serve numerous towns and cities in middle and north Jersey. From residential suburban areas (although we do not offer residential cleaning) to busy corporate centers, we have you covered. Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, Clifton, Passaic, Union City -- all are within our travel and service radius. If you have any questions regarding the regions we serve in New Jersey, please get in touch. We may extend our services even further along highways 95, Route 78 or 280 depending on the scope of the project.

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