Large Venue Cleaning in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

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Stadium Cleaning in Tri-State Area

Large event venues take a lot of abuse. But a post-game mess is no match for the cleaning professionals at Gateway Building Services Inc.

Our team of cleaning professionals quickly and effectively handles even the toughest cleaning challenges, no matter how large or small the venue. That’s why Gateway Building Services Inc. is the right choice for stadium cleaning service in the Tri-State Area.

Ready for Anything

At Gateway Building Services Inc., we know clean. We have the specialized skill and experience to ensure an exceptional client experience each and every time. We approach every project with total professionalism and are committed to providing top-quality, worry-free service.

When you hire Gateway Building Services Inc., you can be sure that your facility will be kept clean, fresh, and ready for anything.

Commercial Cleaning

Why Choose Us

We have been providing commercial cleaning to New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut for 27 years. Our thorough approach to tailoring each cleaning job to individual specifications allows us to clean your facility to the highest standards while working within budgets and time constraints.

Concise and budget friendly cleaning proposals

Highly trained cleaning teams

Staff ready to deploy to any commercial cleaning job

Gateway has cleaned our college campus for the past ten years. The nature of the beast with college campuses is you have to be responsive and flexible and they have been. It’s been a pleasure working with them.

Michael D.
Director of Facilities

Gateway Building Services Inc., has taken care of our hospital for the past ten years. No one is more committed and thorough when it comes to keeping our facilities clean and well-maintained.

Peter D.
Facilities Manager

You can imagine the cleanup after thousands of people leave the ballpark. Gateway comes in, cleans up and gets us ready for our next game. They can handle even the toughest of jobs.

Seth C.
Assistant General Manager