Sports Arena + Athletic Facility Cleaning Services in Connecticut

Gateway Building Services has been the leading commercial cleaning partner for sports arenas, athletic facilities, and other spectator venues in Connecticut for nearly 30 years. We work with each client to create a custom quote, and we can work on a variety of schedules and budgets. Whether you need post-football game cleanup or community rec center maintenance, give us a call for your free quote today.

Some Facilities, Among Others, That We Can Clean

Indoor Sports Arena Cleaning

Indoor sports arenas, such as basketball courts, indoor soccer fields, and multipurpose halls, require a specific approach to cleaning due to their high-traffic nature and wide-spread use. Our services include:

Surface Cleaning

We regularly sweep, mop and clean playing surfaces to maintain their appearance and prevent slip hazards. Whether you need a wood floor or laminate surface maintained, we can keep it sparkling.

Cleaning of Seating and Bleachers

Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of spectator seating areas to remove food debris, spills, and dirt. This can be on a weekly recurring basis, or we can be on-call for cleanup after games and events.

Locker Rooms and Restrooms

We clean and sanitize locker rooms, showers, and restrooms, focusing on high-touch areas to minimize the risk of bacterial and fungal infections.

Common Areas and Concessions

Let us handle common areas, including concession stands, to ensure a hygienic environment for food preparation and consumption. Stains, crumbs, smells - all gone!

Outdoor Athletic Facility Cleaning Services in Connecticut

Cleaning outdoor sports facilities, including soccer fields, baseball parks, and track fields, has unique challenges due to their exposure to the elements. We will keep your facility in world-class shape - get in touch for your free quote.

Stands, Spectator Areas, and Playing Surfaces

We clean and maintain stands, including wiping down seats and removing litter after events.

Our field maintenance services ensure that playing surfaces are free of debris and hazards, and we keep an eye on surrounding areas for the safety of players and officials.

Facility Exteriors

We can pressure wash walkways, stands, and exteriors to remove dirt and grime, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the venue. We will help you make every game a pleasant experience for your fans from the moment they step foot outside of their car.

Post-Event Cleaning Services

After a sporting event, arenas and facilities often require extensive cleaning to prepare them for future use. We would count it as a privilege to partner with you in keeping your stadium or facility grounds up to par.

We can provide swift and thorough removal of litter, debris, and spillages from seating areas, playing surfaces, and common spaces after games, and intensively disinfect and clean restrooms immediately after an event. We also restock supplies.

We also handle efficient disposal of waste and recycling while following environmentally responsible practices.

Cleaning Services for Community and School Athletic Facilities

Community centers and school athletic facilities, hubs of activity, often cater to a range of sports and age groups. Our cleaning protocols for these facilities are tailored to ensure safety and cleanliness for all users. Let us maintain your multipurpose rooms, equipment and storage areas, playgrounds and outdoor equipment, pavilions, and more. Whether you manage a park or a multi-sport athletic facility, we are happy to help.

Advanced Cleaning Techniques and Eco-Friendly Products

At Gateway Building Services, we utilize advanced cleaning techniques and green products to provide effective yet environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. We can use electrostatic spraying when necessary, and we use high-efficiency and water-conscious methods and tools. Furthermore, your staff and guests won't smell chemicals when we are done, as we use carefully selected eco-friendly cleaning solutions mixed to manufacturer specifications.

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