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Gateway Building Services, the leading commercial cleaning business in New Haven, CT, helps corporate building managers, storefront owners, and other business owners keep their facilities spotless. From nightly janitorial services to weekly or monthly deep cleaning services, we can help you provide a beautiful space for employees and customers alike.

Our 27 years of industry experience have taught us everything there is to know about retail, office, and event spaces, and we would love to work with you. Send us a note or give us a call, and we'll provide a customized proposal within your budget and schedule. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Should Your Business Partner With Gateway?

Proven Expertise

As mentioned above, we have nearly three decades of experience in Connecticut and the Tri-State area. We've helped large and small businesses alike, and we've handled everything from busy healthcare facilities to corporate offices and concert venues. There is no job that we can't handle.

Green Cleaning Practices

We use green products and cleaning detergents as often as possible -- this is good for you and the environment. Your staff doesn't need to be smelling chemicals throughout the day, and we are deeply committed to helping you provide the most pleasant work space possible. If you have any questions about our tools or solutions, let us know.

Flexible Service Solutions

Recognizing the dynamic nature of today's business operations, we offer flexible scheduling options. Whether you require daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance, Gateway Building Services adapts to your timeline for a streamlined and efficient experience. Our quotes also reflect this - we customize our pricing to fit your cleaning needs. Some of our clients need help every evening, and some only require cleaning services after special events or seasons. It's up to you.

Excellent Customer Support

At Gateway Building Services, client satisfaction is our priority. Our responsive customer support team is ready to address your inquiries, accommodate specific requests, and ensure a seamless cleaning experience. Experience the professionalism of a cleaning service that prioritizes your business needs.

Our Comprehensive Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services in New Haven, CT

Enhance your professional environment with our office cleaning services. Gateway Building Services covers essential tasks, including desk sanitation and trash removal, ensuring a clean and organized workspace. We can clean your cafeteria, windows, carpets, lobbies, restrooms, executive offices, and everything in between.

Retail Space Care

Present a polished shopping experience to your customers. Our retail cleaning services encompass floor maintenance, display cleaning, and more, enhancing the visual appeal of your store. Associates and customers alike will love the uplifting and fresh commercial space.

Specialized Healthcare Facility Protocols

Trust us to maintain a sterile environment in the facilities where it matters most. Gateway Building Services adheres to strict cleaning protocols, ensuring a hygienic space for both staff and patients. We've worked with dentists, therapists, doctors, and even hospital networks to elevate the patient experience. We will keep you compliant with codes and certifications, and we can handle treatment and waiting areas alike.

Janitorial and Custodial Support

Let Gateway handle all of your janitorial needs. We can keep fresh toilet paper, soap, paper towels, and other supplies on hand, and we can even handle your waste removal. Let us disinfect and sanitize desks, handrails, bathrooms, and everything else for you to provide a safe and pleasant work environment.

Event Cleaning Solutions

Whether you are hosting a corporate event, concert at an event space, sporting event film screening, or other activity, let us know. We can clean and prep the space before your show, disinfect and clean after your attendees have left, and leave it ready for the next booking. We have helped theaters, concert halls, sports arenas and more.

Experience the Gateway Building Services Difference

We can work with businesses in Westville, Beaver Hills, Fair Haven, near Yale, and all throughout the New Haven, CT area. Our cleaning services are the best in Connecticut, and we take pride in helping our clients provide beautiful offices and retail spaces for their staff and customers. For a customized quote, please get in touch.

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