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Dental practices require a unique approach to cleaning and sanitation to ensure the safety and comfort of both patients and staff. Gateway Building Services offers specialized cleaning services tailored to meet the exacting standards of dental offices, and we would love to partner with you to maintain a beautiful and sanitary practice. For information about our services, or to request a free quote, please get in touch.

About Our Cleaning Services For Dentists

Unmatched Expertise in Dental Office Cleaning

Our experience in dental office hygiene is apparent from the moment we first set foot in your practice. We recognize that a clean and sterile environment is not just a regulatory requirement but also a cornerstone of patient trust and comfort. We've been serving clients in Danbury, New Haven, Stamford, Middletown, Hartford and beyond for 27+ years, and we'd love to share our expertise with you.

Tailored Cleaning Plans

Each dental practice is unique, and we offer customized cleaning plans for every budget and schedule. Our approach begins with a comprehensive assessment of your practice's specific cleaning needs, considering factors like the size of the clinic, the number of treatment rooms, and the types of services offered.

High Standards of Cleanliness and Disinfection

Our cleaning protocols are designed to meet and exceed the rigorous standards required in healthcare settings. We use hospital-grade disinfectants and follow strict guidelines to ensure every surface, from dental chairs to equipment, and waiting areas, are thoroughly sanitized. We partner with you to stop cross-contamination and other hazards.

We Can Cover Your Entire Dental Facility

Reception and Waiting Areas

As the first point of contact for patients, waiting areas require regular cleaning to maintain a welcoming and hygienic atmosphere. Our services include dusting, vacuuming, and disinfecting seating areas, reception desks, and any children's play areas.

Treatment Rooms

Treatment rooms are the heart of a dental practice, and they demand meticulous attention. We ensure that all surfaces, including dental chairs, countertops, lights, and dental equipment, are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between patients.

Sterilization Rooms

These critical areas, where instruments are cleaned and sterilized, require specialized cleaning to uphold the highest hygiene standards. We ensure that these rooms are kept in immaculate condition, free from any contaminants that could compromise sterilization processes.


We maintain both single-use and commercial bathrooms, ensuring they are not only clean but also stocked with necessary supplies. Never receive a complaint about the state of your office restroom again.

Our Commitment To Cleaning Excellence

Green & Advanced Cleaning Methods

We are committed to the cutting edge in cleaning tech and processes. We use equipment and materials that are both effective and safe for use in a healthcare setting. Our use of HEPA filters in vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths, and mops, and our focus on eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning agents, ensure a thorough clean that is also environmentally responsible.

Staff Training and Compliance

Our staff undergoes rigorous training specific to dental office cleaning. They are knowledgeable about OSHA regulations and the best practices in infection control, ensuring compliance and safety. Our team is equipped not just with the right tools but with the right knowledge to provide exceptional cleaning services.

We are a Partner in Your Practice's Success

At Gateway Building Services, we view our role as more than just a cleaning service provider. We consider ourselves partners in the success of your dental practice. A clean, well-maintained office not only ensures compliance with health regulations but also enhances patient confidence and contributes to a positive reputation.

We can set up a schedule that works around your hours, and we are happy to work with you on a budget and list of services tailored to you. If you ever need anything, you have a direct line of communication -- we are a local company, and we want to treat you well.

To get a free quote, or to learn more about our dental practice cleaning services in Connecticut, please get in touch. Our service radius includes Southern Connecticut up to Hartford, the Hudson Valley, and parts of Northern NJ.

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