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Gateway Building Services, in business for over 27 years, offers the finest commercial cleaning services in Connecticut and throughout the Hudson Valley. We clean offices, storefronts, medical facilities, schools, arenas, and more, and we always work with our clients to find a budget-friendly option. Above all else, we take pride in the quality of our work. Your employees, customers and students will enjoy a spotless and sanitized environment every day, and you will benefit from a cleaning partner that arrives on time and gets the job done right.

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What to Expect From Gateway Building Services

Experienced and Reliable Service

Three decades of business in the Tri-State area has given us experience with a wide range of projects and budgets. It's also taught us the value of customer service, professionalism, and amazing customer service. That's what you receive when you hire us.

How Much Do Our Commercial and Office Cleaning Services Cost?

We carefully assess square footage, the layout of your business or office, your budget (if you have one in mind), your preferred time window and more to give you a quote. This process is free, and we will be up-front and fair. There are simply too many variables involved for us to publish ballpark figures, but get in touch and we'll work out accurate pricing for you.

Green Products and Practices

Your business or office won't smell like chemicals and fumes. We use solutions with biodegradable, non-toxic ingredients, and they will promote a safe, healthy environment. Please send us a note if you would like more insight regarding our cleaning practices.

Commercial Cleaning For a Variety of Spaces

Office Cleaning Services in Connecticut

From open office floorplans to large corporate buildings with scores of cubicles and offices, let us handle your recurring office cleaning needs. We can clean high-traffic areas like waiting rooms or hallways on a more frequent schedule than other areas if you would like us to, and we always take care of high-touch areas like doorknobs, elevator buttons, light switches, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. Furthermore, we take care of your employees by using non-toxic, hypoallergenic cleaners.

Storefront and Retail Space Cleaning

Large glass windows, dusty display racks, frequently used restrooms -- we've handled it all. Just let us know what your store hours are, and we'll schedule a reasonable and recurring time frame to keep your retail space beautiful and fresh. 

Hospital and Medical

We've worked with large hospital systems, small dental practices, urgent care facilities, and more. We understand the rigors of CDC and AORN ratings, and we'll help you reduce healthcare acquired infections (HAI) with our high quality septic cleaning. We can handle operating rooms, waiting areas, entrances, carpets, windows, and so much more. Get in touch for your personalized quote.

Educational Facilities

Schools are often a breeding ground for germs, and we take our responsibility to sterilize surfaces and communal areas seriously. Our janitorial services in Connecticut keep your school clean and safe, and students, parents and teachers alike will be happier. The same applies for college campuses and dorms -- we have decades of experience working with universities to keep grounds beautiful.

Sports Arenas and Events

Keep us on retainer for your ballpark, hockey rink, basketball area or concert hall. We can handle cleanup after big events, and you can reduce staffing costs and enjoy greater peace of mind. From small facilities to professional venues, we have teams, tools and resources to keep them clean.

Veterinary Clinics

Hair, fluids, saliva, germs, and more abound in your average vet clinic, and our commercial cleaning services can help you start with a clean slate each working day. Whether you need daily cleaning or a weekend deep clean, give us a call.

Gyms and Fitness Facilities

Sweat, sweat, and more sweat -- let us handle your gym equipment, bathrooms, waiting areas and more. We will also take care of protein bar wrappers, empty Gatorade bottles and more. Give your clients a beautiful and uplifting workout experience by keeping your fitness facility in perfect condition.

Our Commercial Janitorial Services in Connecticut are Thorough and Effective

Nothing evades our highly skilled cleaning teams:

  • Dusting throughout the building

  • Removal of trash and recycling

  • Washing, waxing and buffing tile or wood floors

  • Cleaning the windows in your office or store

  • Disinfecting and cleaning your bathrooms

  • Disinfecting desks, tables and other surface areas

  • Washing dishes and cleaning your kitchen

  • Steaming carpets wherever they may be

And more - we are the one-stop-shop for commercial cleaning.

We Clean Offices and Commercial Spaces Throughout Connecticut

Whether you manage an office building in Hartford or own a storefront in Danbury, we serve clients throughout the state of Connecticut. We can help clients in Stamford, New Haven, and beyond, and if you aren't sure if you're within our travel radius, please get in touch.

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